Iron sulfide (FeS) plugs filters, builds up in tanks, shortens production-equipment life, and damages the formation. Iron sulfide control programs from Baker Hughes minimize the problem and control operational cost. We offer a complete set of solutions to prevent, control, or remove FeS in your production and injection equipment.


Identify and understand FeS problems

Our experts identify the source and type of FeS so you can choose the best approach for your situation. The right solution is the most cost-effective one. Options include:

  • reducing deferred production because of pump failures and line blockages
  • preventing underdeposit corrosion
  • minimizing FeS pads in separators
  • reducing the frequency of acid jobs, filter change-outs, and tank cleanups
  • maintaining injection well efficiency
  • reducing overall production chemical demand

Contact your local Baker Hughes representative today to find out more information about iron sulfide solutions.

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