Baker Hughes invented many of the specialty fishing tools and techniques used in thru-tubing intervention services. With decades of wellsite experience and cutting edge engineering teams, we have developed innovative solutions to the problems that hinder your production and interrupt your normal production operations. We offer the thru-tubing fishing tools and systems to meet your most difficult fishing challenges.

A full range of spears, overshots, and retrieving tools are offered that are used to efficiently remove wellbore obstructions. Our thru-tubing fishing tools — applied with industry-leading fishing knowledge — combine to put your well back online safely and reduce the cost of wellbore problems. Our combination of experience and equipment delivers a clear wellbore with minimal downtime in virtually every fishing application. Regardless of what’s in your well, chances are we’ve seen it and we’ve removed it successfully.

Contact your local Baker Hughes representative to get more information about our effective and safe thru-tubing fishing tools.

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