Improve the speed, reliability, and flexibility of your well completions with coiled-tubing fracturing systems from Baker Hughes.

Our proven multistage fracturing systems incorporate multiple collars that are hydraulically opened with coiled-tubing (CT) tools. Whether you need to optimize your stimulation jobs in shale reservoirs, coalbed methane, or refracturing applications, our systems improve the economics of your well completions by allowing for an unlimited number of fracture stimulations.

The collars are strategically placed in the liner string to divert the fracture in the desired location. This placement also allows tighter spacing of your fracture initiation points. The isolation between the sleeves is accomplished by cementing the liner string or using openhole packers, while a casing collar locator enables accurate placement of the bottomhole assembly (BHA) across the collar.

And because our systems do not require any inner diameter restrictions, you achieve full-bore production access without post-stimulation milling.

Contact us today to learn more about how our coiled tubing fracturing systems can help you maximize your reservoir drainage

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Coiled tubing fracturing