Reduce risk

Lower nonproductive time, rig time, and risk with an efficient, innovative, and reliable combination of offshore stimulation equipment, customized products and services, and expertise.

We lead the industry in developing new technologies for offshore stimulation. Advanced closed acid-mixing systems, automated acid-blending, remotely operated high-pressure equipment, programmable pressure relief valves, customized modular stimulation systems, and complete stimulation plant automation ensure operational efficiency and safety.


Maximize production

Our Understand the Reservoir First™ geological and reservoir characterization process correlates geological and reservoir data with economical and effective isolation, stimulation, production and remediation solutions. We combine the right proppants, fluids and pumping technologies with efficient workflow and knowledge management systems to maximize offshore acid treatments, hydraulic fracturing operations and sand control, for the life of your well.


Improve efficiency

Our stimulation fleet incorporates rugged and reliable treatment equipment with built-in redundancy and the latest data collection and analysis technology. Robust ship designs and dynamic positioning systems ensure accurate station-keeping in the roughest weather. Real-time graphic displays and secure communication systems facilitate decision-making and treatment efficiency. Highly trained crews perform multiple jobs in a single mobilization, 24 hours a day.

The StimFORCE™ modular stimulation system combines the capabilities of a dedicated stimulation pumping vessel with the versatility of modular skid units for smaller offshore stimulation treatments.

Rely on our technological innovations and experienced staff for offshore stimulation treatments.

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