i-Trak drilling automation services maximize ROP and save 22 hours in challenging hole section.

Kymera hybrid bit delivers benchmark ROP on J-shape wellpath in Kuwait’s Raudhatain field

May 31, 2023

  • Highly interbedded formations
  • Increased risk of severe and/or total losses in the Dammam, Radhuma, Tayarat, and Sadiformations
  • Challenging well design (build to 20° then hold angle to TD)
  • Limited flow rates (850 gpm maximum) due to rig capacity and ECD management
  • Aggressive ROP target and desire to minimize off-bottom time to reduce overall section time
  • 16” Kymera™ Hybrid drill bit run on a 9 ⅝” performance bent motor assembly to drill shoe-to-shoe in a single run
  • Maximized hydraulic horsepower to improve bit face cleaning and cooling vs. previous runs
  • Optimized drilling parameters to ensure maximum instantaneous ROP
  • Increased differential pressure (25% greater in both sliding and rotary modes vs. offset runs)

Case study results


Cost per foot vs. ROP.