Production enhancement solutions are focused on one thing: removing near wellbore skin damage to boost well productivity and extend the time to decline. As your mature fields face inevitable decline, Baker Hughes's suite of production enhancement solutions are ideally suited to address your specific problems and bring your wells closer to their original production capacity.

Combining chemical technologies and services, expert analysis, and treatment design, our custom engineered solutions remediate skin damage and maximize your asset uptime in several ways.

Quickly boost production. Bring your wells closer to their original productive capacity, in just a few hours, with our customized remediation solutions.

Reduce downtime. Deploy cost-effective, sensible alternatives to traditional treatments like acidizing and fracturing, with tailor-made treatments that minimize downtime to quickly get you back into profitable production.

Attack damage from multiple angles. Address the primary, secondary, and tertiary mechanisms causing damage with our uniquely designed, multi-functional treatment components.

Maximize your treatment ROI. Work with our remediation experts to develop, implement, and monitor the optimal program for your wells—reducing lifting costs and improving injection operations in the process.  

Whether your wells face production problems caused by asphaltene, paraffin, inorganic scale, water blockages, or wettability issues, let’s work together to find the optimal wellbore remediation solution for you.

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Production enhancement

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