Ensure that your pay zone stays protected during drilling with proven filter cake removal solutions from Baker Hughes. With customized solutions for both water-based (WBM) and oil-based (OBM) drilling fluids, our filter cake breaking technologies lower your completion costs while ensuring optimized production rates.


Engineered solutions for your needs

Select targeted filter cake removal solutions that are engineered for your specific drilling application. Our MICRO-WASH™ invert emulsion drill-in fluid filter cake breaker incorporates proprietary microemulsion technology to effectively remove synthetic-based mud (SBM) or OBM filter cakes from your openhole wellbore.

These proven solutions give you superior injector and pay zone protection during drill-in, while ensuring simple, cost-effective clean-up. And because these removal solutions fully dissolve filter cakes instead of breaking them into slabs, you’re assured exceptional flowback with minimal reservoir obstruction.

Contact us today to learn how our filter cake removal solutions can protect your pay zones for maximum long-term

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