Plan and execute your hydraulic fracturing jobs with greater confidence with stimulation modeling services from Baker Hughes. Built on proven design and analysis software platforms, our stimulation models maximize the value of your frac job by helping you target your most productive zones with the most effective fracture treatments for your formation.


Proven simulation strategies for more precise frac placement

We help you ensure a successful frac design with modeling advances such as the JewelSuite™ Reservoir Stimulation (ResStim). An industry-proven, fast, and physics-based hydraulic fracturing simulator, ResStim incorporates design and evaluation simulation capabilities from the MFrac™ Suite software. The comprehensive ResStim lets you quickly identify the optimal stimulation strategy—for multiple stages along multiple wells—and execute sensitivity and uncertainty analysis workflows to quantify the probability of success with less risk.

Simulation advancements like these, coupled with the interpretation expertise of our reservoir modeling specialists, help you optimize your treatment plan and estimate your reserves with greater accuracy.

The result? A well-executed, cost-effective stimulation job that maximizes your reservoir recovery and profitable production.

Contact us today to learn how stimulation modeling services from Baker Hughes can improve your hydraulic fracturing design and execution. 

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