Orchestrate workflows

Through a series of guided steps, WEC system's intuitive workspaces enable users to create, search, monitor, and seamlessly update projects.

  • Comprehensive task-management toolset
  • Reviews, approvals, and team notifications
  • Full version history tracking
Simplify work breakdowns

Create custom work breakdown structures from scratch or pre-load and tweak from a series of existing templates.

  • Single view of the entire work structure
  • Define approval rules
  • Customize order and flow of steps
Integrate with other apps

The WEC system integrates with other engineering applications and can be customized to adapt to third-party apps.

  • Live feed provides real-time project updates
  • Eliminate errors and conflicts
  • More efficient, faster workflows  


Well-plan development requires expertise and insights from multiple teams, often distributed across disciplines, time zones, and borders. Our Well Engineering Center system takes project management to the next level, creating connectivity and transparency across the technical well planning, design, and engineering phase.

The WEC system’s intuitive web-based interface standardizes checkpoints, reviews, and approvals, coordinating all your teams, without a spreadsheet in sight—for more efficient well planning and more profitable job outcomes. Interfacing seamlessly with customer data flows and other Baker Hughes planning systems, WEC provides easy-to-follow, guided access to any number of projects within a single digital space that’s both flexible and customizable. With a live feed to provide real-time project updates, to-dos, and a comprehensive task-management toolset, the WEC system eliminates errors, conflicts, miscommunications, and duplications—wherever your team members are based.

Streamlining collaboration leads to faster, more efficient, and more reliable well and section planning. In fact, with built-in remote-operations support, the WEC system can significantly increase wellbore performance. Its ability to share insights and best practices, quickly alerting all stakeholders to engineering problems or risks, boosts reliability by up to five times, while enriched cross-team communication helps make teams more productive.

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