Optimize your reservoir performance and extend production equipment run life with digital well production software and services from Baker Hughes. With 24/7 monitoring, super-fast and secure data transmission, and the support of our engineering and application experts, our services ensure reliable operations and long-term productivity of your wells.


Improve connectivity to mitigate risk

Our digital well production services reliably monitor all downhole equipment—from flow sensors to submersible pumps. The data is seamlessly and securely transmitted to give you real-time, field-wide production insights from even your most remote wells. Our software solutions also streamline workflows while avoiding shutdowns and minimizing the number of personnel required at production sites. Working with us, you’ll reduce your risk of production upsets while maximizing equipment run life.


Optimize production with remote accessibility

Our application experts leverage the digital well production services’ real-time data for your greatest benefit. Backed by reports and easy-to-follow workflows, we make recommendations to optimize your equipment run life and reservoir performance. And our web-based mobile applications let you control wells remotely—from changing set points to stopping or starting production—from any location in the world, without deploying more people to the wellsite.

Contact us today to learn how our digital well production software and services can maximize each well’s production performance.

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Digital well production software and services

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