Thru-tubing casing exit systems from Baker Hughes deliver superior casing windows for your well intervention needs—safely, reliably, and cost effectively.


Create quality windows with proven design innovations

Our thru-tubing whipstock systems deliver several technology innovations to ensure the highest quality window is created.

  • Your window can be cut without pulling existing completion or production tubing
  • Systems can be oriented in one trip and set on electric line, coiled tubing, or threaded pipe
  • Systems can be set on either the high or low side of the casing to ensure the optimal exit point
  • A large bypass flow area allows for continued production from the main bore below
  • Single or dual exits and multiple exit sizes are possible

Use our proven casing exit systems to support a full range of well intervention and production optimization needs:

  • Recover bypassed reserves
  • Extend well life
  • Bypass collapsed or damaged casing
  • Improve multilateral drilling applications
  • Conduct slot recovery operations
  • Bypass lost bottomhole assemblies (BHAs) that have resulted in obstruction to planned drilling trajectory

Contact us today to learn how thru-tubing casing exits from Baker Hughes can deliver high-quality casing windows for your applications.

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Thru-tubing casing exits