Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your extended-reach well interventions with extended-reach tools from Baker Hughes.

Use our tools to overcome the frictional forces in your extended-reach laterals, which ensures that your coiled tubing and milling operations can efficiently extend to your well’s target depth. These proven tools, including the Tempress HydroPull™ tool and CT Energy ToeTAPPER™ tool, generate water-hammer pressure pulses inside your coiled or jointed tubing.

The resulting fluid hammer effect effectively breaks frictional drag forces between the tubing and wellbore, which extends the lateral reach of your tubing string to the toe of the well.

Regardless of your intervention application—from fishing to milling to cleanout to chemical treatment—our extended-reach tools help you reach and treat more of your lateral, with less risk and in less time.

Contact us to learn how extended-reach laterals from Baker Hughes can optimize intervention operations in your extended-reach wells.

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Extended reach tool