Ultra-reliability and reduced risk

All production availability is underpinned by the reliability of your subsea control system. Our control-system equipment is designed for reliability, from the unrivaled and industry-leading SemStar5™ electronics module to our smart distributed flow meter and uniquely and highly maintainable Aptara™ FLX360 multi-quick connect system.

Our advanced tools and smart-technology applications monitor the condition of your equipment in real time, deliver critical data to enable more effective decisions, and analyze historical performance to determine optimal operational plans. That means you can achieve maximum production with less risk, using the most reliable equipment in the industry to monitor and control oil and gas production.


Optimized production

Modular designs allow you to add more wells when you need them, while reducing capital and operating costs—optimizing production and enhancing the performance of your investment. Our solutions enable you to take proactive measures and avoid failures before they happen, allowing your operations to run more efficiently and reliably.


Comprehensive portfolio

With a comprehensive portfolio spanning some of the most challenging subsea developments worldwide, you can count on Baker Hughes for life-of-field support and your equipment-uptime demands.


Industry-leading standards

Our subsea control systems come with dual redundancy throughout, highly effective heat-management, and obsolescence-managed components. All our subsea electronics all subjected to highly accelerated life testing (HALT) as part of the design process, and during production they undergo stringent environmental stress screening (ESS) in the factory. We use purpose-designed automated test equipment to monitor subsea electronics modules throughout ESS, testing them to the spirit and the letter of API 17F—which is how we achieve a result of mean time between failures (MTBF) 10 times better than the Offshore and Onshore Reliability Data Project (OREDA) average, weeding out the causes of possible failure on every unit manufactured.


SemStar5 subsea electronics module

SemStar5 is our ultra-reliable, fifth-generation subsea electronics module for control systems and draws on 40 years of subsea experience.


ModPod subsea control module

With its configurable and compact design, our ModPod is one of the most advanced, versatile and reliable control-system components available.


Master control station

Our master control station is the unit that brings together the control and monitoring of your subsea control system.


Subsea communications and routing

Our approach to subsea network reliability has made Baker Hughes a market-leader in the provision of complex subsea control networks.


Umbilical health monitoring

Our umbilical monitoring device (UMD) is specifically designed to monitor the health of an umbilical’s electrical conductors continuously.


Hydraulic power generation

While our hydraulic power units are designed to meet your specific requirements, they are engineered and built around standard building blocks.


Subsea distribution unit (SDU)

Our distribution product portfolio enables you to extend the boundaries of subsea production by focusing on simpler, lower cost, and optimized solutions.


Umbilical termination assembly (UTA)

Our umbilical termination assembly (UTA) products offer a wide range of configurations to meet the most demanding field requirements, while simplifying installation and operability.


Multibore hub connection UTA (MHC-UTA)

Our multibore hub connection UTA (MHC-UTA) provides TOTEX savings and simplified seabed infrastructures with direct tie-in of umbilicals to the manifold or SDU.


Aptara FLX360 multi-quick connection system

Our FLX360 is an innovative multi-quick connection system that enables fast and reliable connections between all elements of the subsea distribution system.

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