Too many service providers waste your time debating "push-the-bit" versus "point-the-bit" steering. These debates miss the point.

Only the Lucida™ advanced rotary steerable service or the AutoTrak™ rotary steerable drilling system can deliver the superior drilling performance you need, reducing well construction costs and improving production.

These are the only ones that use continuous proportional steering.

The Lucida service or the AutoTrak system lets you efficiently drill a high-quality wellbore and place it in the most productive zone — consistently and with confidence. Three precision-controlled pads maintain a continuous proportional steering vector to drill a smooth, in-gauge hole. Bit designs and system parameters are matched to formation challenges for maximized rate of penetration (ROP), bit life, and run length.

Don’t settle for others’ “pseudo-steering.” Contact us today to learn more about how the Lucida service or the AutoTrak system’s continuous proportional steering can deliver the performance you need.

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