Navi-Drill™ and DuraMax™ motors from Baker Hughes are ideal for your directional, horizontal, and straight-hole performance drilling.

We have the most reliable motor fleet in the industry. During the past 30+ years, we’ve made continuous enhancements based on your feedback and ideas from our experts. Speed up hydrocarbon recovery with faster rate of penetration (ROP), longer runs with greater reliability, and better steering response and hole quality.

Motors are available in tool sizes from 2 3/8 to 12 3/4 in. (60.325 to 323.85 mm) with specific features that can be varied for customized designs. These include rotor-lobe configurations from 1/2 (high speed) to 9/10 (low speed), matched to the use of diamond and ball bearings packages, advanced elastomers, and unique stator designs that deliver power without sacrificing durability. Use this motor in high-temperature holes and with most drilling fluids.

Navi-Drill motors are integrated seamlessly with superior automated drilling systems for improved real-time drilling efficiency.

Contact your local Baker Hughes representative to start a conversation that will save you time and money, all while accelerating your hydrocarbon recovery.

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