Acquisition, monitoring, expertise—The complete solution for your monitoring needs

We engineer and operate monitoring solutions to map subsurface microseismic activity used as a proxy to understanding stress and strain.

We operate in a wide variety of industrial contexts (carbon capture, use & storage; geothermal; mining; underground gas storage…) helping our customers to secure their assets and comply to regulations.


Our strengths
  • Enterprise-class solution, 100% focus on customer satisfaction
  • 20+ year experience, worldwide
  • Various operational contexts and constraints, various hardware types
  • Extensive partner network
  • Comprehensive web-reporting platform
  • Responsiveness
  • Referenceable customers
  • Highly qualified team


Value proposition
  • Turnkey solutions, including project management
  • Delivered on-time, within budget and HSE compliant
  • Custom-made solutions - configurability / workflow

Improved total customer experience by going beyond what is expected and delivering services that exceeds customer expectations


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