• Save up to 30% of monitoring OPEX versus traditional measurements
  • Proactively manage storage risks with near real-time conformance and containment data
  • Provide local communities, regulators, and investors with the peace of mind of safe, durable CO2 storage

  • Autonomous, solar-powered, low-footprint surface stations connected to a web-based user interface
  • High-fidelity sensors installed in a shallow well
  • Wireless data communication
  • Weeks of power and data buffering

  • CO2 storage reservoir monitoring and management
  • Groundwater and soil quality surveillance


Lower the costs, time, and risks of monitoring your CO2 sequestration sites with the CarbonWatch™ autonomous CO2 monitoring service from Baker Hughes.

CarbonWatch improves CO2 monitoring with a low-OPEX, no-intervention solution that enhances your understanding of CO2 conformance and containment to proactively manage storage risks.

An array of monitoring stations positioned above your storage site collects subsurface data from multipurpose, field-proven sensors—remotely and in near real-time. From near-surface to deep in the reservoir, CarbonWatch integrates a wide range of field measurements to give you critical subsurface insights, including:

  • Passive monitoring of the structural integrity of the caprock and faults
  • 24/7 saturation mapping and control spot measurements of the CO2 plume in the injection zone
  • Periodic surveillance of shallow groundwater and soil quality

CarbonWatch also lowers your CAPEX and minimizes field visits, thanks to its wireless communication and weeks-long power and data buffering capabilities. And with near-instantaneous access to subsurface data, you can quickly respond to measurement anomalies while providing stakeholders with data-driven insights on operation safety.

Contact Baker Hughes today to learn how CarbonWatch can help you take the guesswork out of conformance and containment in your CO2 storage sites.

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