Optimize your stimulation treatments with a wide range of field-proven frac sleeve completion systems from Baker Hughes. Count on our vast application expertise and technical support to ensure that your multistage frac job is executed with the highest efficiency for maximum reservoir recovery.

Shorten the completion times in your unconventional wells with frac sleeve systems tailored to your specific needs. We offer multistage, ball-activated sleeve systems for your openhole or cemented applications, which enable fracturing in an industry-leading number of stages. And for your annular fracturing applications, we offer coiled tubing-actuated frac systems that deliver targeted stimulation treatments for a large number of stages, with efficiency and ease.

Control your completion costs with our flexible frac sleeve systems that can be adapted to match your reservoir requirements, with a range of setting tools, liner tops, openhole packers, and frac sleeves. Our systems are designed to eliminate plugging and can be opened and closed as required over the life of your well—maximizing your operating efficiency and production potential.

Working with Baker Hughes, you’re assured a highly effective, efficient frac operation developed through extensive prejob planning and with the optimal set of system tools. The ultimate result: a seamless stimulation job that maximizes your well’s long-term production.

Contact us to learn more about how our frac sleeves systems can optimize your stimulation job and improve your well performance.  

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