Cased-hole isolation packers from Baker Hughes give you a range of enhanced zonal isolation solutions for your cased-hole completions. Our proven isolation packers deploy quickly and reliably isolate wellbore sections to lower your well construction risks in the most extreme downhole conditions.

Our isolation packer specialists stand ready to help you select the optimal cased-hole isolation packer for your specific application.

  • The REPacker™ reactive element packer is a self-energizing, swellable packer that activates on contact with your well fluids. You get a long-term, rugged seal that isolates your annulus to prevent unwanted formation production.
  • The FracPoint™ EXPress packer is a hydraulically set packer that provides assured isolation of lateral sections in your wellbore. The packer’s compact design affords fast, efficient deployment and strategic placement throughout the lateral. You’re assured maximum zonal isolation that contains the hydraulic fractures within the targeted zones.
  • The ZXTreme™ liner top packer provides superior hold-down capabilities in deep, high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) environments. Designed for reliability, the packer activates in both low and high setting temperatures and is rotationally locked to prevent back-offs in challenging wellbore conditions.
  • The ZXHD™ liner top packer combines proven V0-rated sealing capabilities with a streamlined design for improved reliability. In your most challenging liner hanger applications, the packer stays secure to your casing and holds the liner firmly in place.

Contact us today to learn more about how Baker Hughes cased-hole isolation packers can deliver the sealing capabilities you need in any cased-hole environment.

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