Our PENETREX™ rate of penetration (ROP) enhancer is designed for use in water-based drilling fluid systems and with PDC bits for faster drilling, superior directional control, and enhanced durability. It is used effectively in medium to hard shales, both onshore and offshore, and is suitable for horizontal, deviated, and extended-reach wells.

The organic, surface–acting ROP enhancer forms a hydrophobic coating on the bit, bottomhole assembly (BHA), and cuttings, thereby reducing bit balling and accretion. This buildup minimization reduces the tendency of the BHA to vibrate and leads to an overall improvement in ROP and reduced nonproductive time.


Recommended treatment

An initial treatment of 0.25 gpm applied directly to the pump suction is adequate, but it can be increased by up to 2.0 gpm depending on the ROP achieved, amount of shale encountered, type of mud system, and the interval length. 


  • Reduces torque and drag

  • Minimizes bit-balling and accretion to reduce vibration

  • Enhances drilling ROP significantly to optimize drilling efficiency

  • Provides a lower tendency to be emulsified in the fluid system

  • Works effectively with PDC bits


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