No matter your application, Baker Hughes has the specialized fluids additives you need to accelerate your operations and reduce your drilling risks.

Use the right mud additive to speed drilling and save rig time

The demands encountered while drilling highly deviated wells include the effective control of torque and drag. We provide a complete line of lubricants for both water-based (WBM) and emulsion-based (OBM) drilling fluids. Rate of penetration (ROP) enhancers are used to speed the drilling process and save valuable rig time. These products are generally used as a continuous addition chemical to maintain a suitable concentration, to keep the bit from “balling,” and to provide lubrication of the drillstring and formation cutting face.

Prevent differential sticking

Loss of filtrate or whole mud losses to permeable, lower-pressured formations can have significant effects on the drilling operation long before an actual case of differentially stuck pipe occurs. High torque and drag values, difficulty sliding and maintaining directional control, “stickiness” on bottom, increased pipe tripping times, and reduced weight on the bit can lower drilling efficiency and increase wear and tear on equipment. These issues can be avoided by taking appropriate preventive measures.

Free stuck pipe quickly and efficiently

Our proven line of spotting fluids can reduce costly drilling delays in both land-based and offshore drilling environments. These additives are specifically designed to assist in freeing stuck pipe. When differentially stuck, an effective spotting fluid is often the only difference between the timely completion of a project and very expensive downtime or sidetrack.

Use lubricants, ROP enhancers, and stuck pipe additives to:

  • Reduce rig time through faster drilling
  • Lower torque and drag values for easier sliding and better directional control
  • Free stuck pipe to help reduce drilling delays and related cost

Contact your Baker Hughes representative to find out more about specialty fluid applications and our lubricant, ROP enhancers, and stuck pipe additives.

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