When you need timely downhole monitoring of your electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system, count on ESP sensors from Baker Hughes. With a full range of sensors to address nearly any well condition, our ESP sensors help you make fast, appropriate, and confident assessments of both oil production and pump operation.

Built on the foundation of the rugged, reliable Zenith™ sensors and monitoring solutions, our ESP sensor systems address a range of operating conditions.

The Zenith™ E-CTD ESP gauge is specifically designed for ESPs deployed via coil tubing or as part of a retrievable ESP assembly.

Zenith™ E-Series ESP gauges deliver accurate, real-time downhole monitoring of ESP pressure, temperature, and vibration measurements. Our core E-Series gauges include:

  • The Zenith E6, a standard 6-parameter gauge rated to 150°C (300°F) and 6 kpsi.
  • The Zenith E7, a standard 150°C (300°F), 6 kpsi gauge with discharge pressure. A Zenith E7-HP gauge is rated to 10 kpsi for high-pressure applications while the Zenith E7-319 is designed for slimline well deployments.
  • The Zenith E8, a standard 150°C (300°F), 6 kpsi gauge with discharge pressure and discharge temperature.

Zenith™ Ground Fault Immune (GFI) ESP gauge is the industry’s first ground fault immune ESP monitoring solution providing sustained, reliable delivery of surveillance data despite cable fault conditions.

Zenith™ HT high-temperature gauges extend the temperature limitations of permanent monitoring systems by up to 260°C (500°F)for fast, appropriate, and confident assessment of well and lift system performance in harsh, high temperature conditions.

Contact us to find the right ESP sensor solution to optimize your well’s pump performance and production.

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