Assess the performance of your well and artificial lift system, quickly and confidently, with wired downhole monitoring systems from Baker Hughes.

With a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality, reliable gauges, our Zenith™ wired (cable-to-surface) monitoring systems have delivered real-time, accurate data for thousands of progressing cavity pump (PCP), rod lift/beam pump, gas lift, gas production, and jet-lift wells.

Key downhole pressure, temperature, and vibration measurements are sent from the downhole gauge to surface via monocore tubing encapsulated cable (TEC) line. This rugged cable delivers detailed information at downhole temperatures up to 500°F (260°C)—information you can use to optimize uptime, runlife, pump performance, and oil production while protecting your artificial lift system and reducing operating costs.

Contact us today to find the right wired downhole monitoring system for your wells.

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Wired downhole monitoring systems