Increase the uptime and reliability of your electrical submersible pumping (ESP) and HPump™ surface pumping systems with variable speed drives (VSDs) from Baker Hughes.


Get reliable pumping from a proven performer

Built on more than 30 years of VSD innovations in oil and gas wells around the world, the Electrospeed Advantage™ variable speed drive solves your challenging ESP problems. The Electrospeed Advantage’s control capabilities help lower your power consumption and downhole operating costs while optimizing production. And with real-time torque command, you’re assured the precise amount of torque required for your pumping load at any given instant.


Enhance pump performance with proven accessories

Further optimize performance by loading modular, built-for-purpose production-assisting software as part of the VSD system.

And with their plug-and-play compatibility with downhole sensors, our VSDs give you a holistic view of your pumping operation—from downhole to the surface.

Finally, turn your pumping and VSD data into a decision-making optimization tool by linking your drives to the ProductionLink™ Insight & Expert monitoring and automation service. By delivering well data directly to your office, this integrated offering lets you collaborate with field teams to develop pumping strategies that will extend system life and further reduce your lifecycle costs.

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