Improve your total lifting costs with reliable, efficient electrical submersible pump (ESP) systems designed to improve uptime and lower the cost of your operations. Baker Hughes is the market-leading ESP systems provider for wells in mature conventional fields, unconventional plays, thermal recovery operations, and deepwater/subsea projects.

Our ESPs are built on decades of technology advancements that extend the application range, efficiency, and reliability of the system in the toughest downhole conditions. We can help you produce at rates from 50 to 158,000 B/D at temperatures up to 250°C (482°F) and pass through buildup rates up to 25° per 100 ft to get closer to the reservoir.

Our ESP systems are designed, installed, and serviced by a highly qualified team of field engineers and field technicians that partner with you to understand your specific needs and ensure that your ESP solution fits your technical and business goals.

Whether your challenge is high gas and/or abrasive content in the fluid stream, high downhole temperatures, costly interventions, or a rapid production decline curve, our experts can recommend the best solution to keep your well on production.

Contact your local Baker Hughes representative today to find out more.

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Electrical submersible pump (ESP) systems

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