Electrical submersible pumping (ESP) motors from Baker Hughes deliver unsurpassed efficiency to lower your pumping system’s energy consumption. 


Proven performance and reliability

Ensure long-term, reliable operation in virtually any downhole production scenario with our Centrilift™ line of ESP motors, which are proven to lower operating costs and minimize downtime. And our Magnefficient™ permanent magnetic motors maintain constant power factors and efficiency ratings compared to induction motors, which gives you more power from a smaller unit.

With our motors as part of your ESP system, you’ll receive sizable efficiency gains for any well application.

  • Lower your lifting costs. Reduce your energy consumption and power loss from your motor and cable to increase production at a lower operating expense
  • Streamline your installation. Deploy motors with greater power per length, which eliminates your need for tandem connections and allows for quicker installation
  • Maximize production in deviated wellbores. Set your ESP deeper in the well, thanks to our motors’ smaller design, which gets you closer to producing zones
  • Ensure reliable operation in any downhole environment. Deploy motors ranging from 10 horsepower to 2,000 horsepower in a wide range of casing sizes and harsh downhole conditions

Contact us to learn how Baker Hughes ESP motors can increase the efficiency and reliability of your ESP system.

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