Casing and tubing cutters from Baker Hughes give you fast, reliable, and cost-effective cutting of your tubing and casing strings.

Whether you need to cut through one or multiple strings, our tools improve the efficiency and safety of your cutting jobs for a range of applications.

Cut and recover tubing and drillpipe in a wide variety of pipe hardness and tool joint configurations with the BG outside cutter. An automatic, spring-fed cutter, the outside cutter has fewer moving parts to eliminate failure points. And by applying a predetermined, controlled amount of pressure on the knives, the cutter eliminates the problem of broken knives and missed cuts.

Optimize your casing repair and subsea fishing jobs with the HERCULES™ multistring cutter. A hydraulically operated, solid-body tool, the HERCULES cutter effectively cuts through multiple strings or large-diameter strings, in less time and cost than standard multistring cutters.

Cut your single strings of casing, with virtually no risk of damage, with our inside mechanical and hydraulic cutters. Hydraulic actuation ensures smooth and efficient cutting, while an indicator uses pump pressure to signal when a cut is complete—thus eliminating damage to your casing. And when hydraulic activation is not available, our mechanical casing cutters deliver an effective cut. And with its quickly adjustable cutting assembly, the mechanical cutter is quickly and easily converted to alternate casing weights.

Streamline your plug-and-abandonment jobs and slot recovery operations with the Perseus™ pump-through cutter. With its flexible operation modes and on-command cutting action, the Perseus cutter performs multiple cuts and allows for other downhole operations in a single trip—saving you time and money while lower your HSE risks.

Contact us today to learn how our casing and tubing cutters can minimize the risks, costs, and time of your casing repair and fishing operations.

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