• Perform multiple cuts and other operations in a single trip
  • Streamline rig handling with interchangeable knives and positive pressure indication of casing separation
  • Reduce HSE exposure by decreasing pipe handling times for field personnel

  • Plug and abandonment operations
  • Slot recovery operations


Perseus pump-through cutter

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Streamline your intervention jobs with the Perseus™ pump-through cutter from Baker Hughes.

Hydraulically or mechanically operated and designed to cut a single string of casing on command, the Perseus can be combined with more than one operation in a single trip—making it ideal for your plug-and-abandonment (P&A) or slot recovery jobs.


Do more in a single run

The Perseus tool is dressed with METAL MUNCHER™ Advanced Milling Technology (AMT) carbide knives that provide the industry’s most durable, effective cutting and swarf control tungsten-carbide to cut or mill even the toughest steels. As a result, you’ll be able to mill out more volume in one run.

And when run above a mill or drill bit, the Perseus cutter’s unique internal design enables 100% flow through and maintains pressure integrity, without knife activation. This gives you the flexibility to conduct alternative operations, including dressing a cement plug, removing scale, underreaming, or milling short window sections.


Streamline rig handling

By combining other single-trip tools—including multiple Perseus cutters—you can conduct multiple operations in one trip. And when it’s time to pull the Perseus from the wellbore to redress knives, the interchangeable METAL MUNCHER AMT knives can be switched out on the rig floor—reducing your turnaround time.

The Perseus cutter remains dormant and maintains pressure integrity while a plug is set either mechanically or hydraulically, after which the cutting sequence is initiated. Alternatively, the cutter can be run above a mill/bit to dress a cement plug, confirm well isolation, and then activated to cut the casing. A positive indication at surface signals a successful cutout providing assurance a cut has been completed.


Reduce your HSE exposure

The Perseus cutter decreases the time required for field personnel to handle pipe. And with the tool’s improved swarf handling and efficient knife replacement on the rig, you’re assured safer field operations and lower overall health, safety, and environmental (HSE) exposure. 

Contact us to learn how the Perseus cutters can help streamline your well interventions, with less risk and in a single trip.

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