• Mitigate DLS in lateral
  • Optimize drilling processes to provide smooth wellbore for the casing run
  • Achieved 0.6°/100 ft (30 m) DLS in the lateral section
  • Drilled well to a total depth of 10,308 ft (3142 m) in 24 hr
  • Achieved regional record for deepest well drilled in a day
  • Reduced drilling costs by 30% by reaching TD faster

Case study details

In the hypercompetitive energy industry, mile-a-day records have become the new benchmark.
To mitigate costs, companies rely on new technology to reach total depth (TD) faster. Despite the drive for deeper wells drilled faster, certain challenges remain commonplace, including mitigating dog-leg severity (DLS) in lateral wells to decrease torque and provide a smooth wellbore for a successful casing run. With those two divergent forces driving operator mindsets, a customer in Colorado reached out to Baker Hughes for a solution to optimize horizontal drilling. 

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