Photo of a SAGD operation.

CENtigrade EVADE production solution doubled production and mitigated no flow events in Canadian SAGD wells

Mar 18, 2024


  • High gas in mature steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) wells
  • Non-condensable gas (NCG) injections to help maintain pressure within the steam chamber contributed to increased gas production, resulting in inconsistent lift and no-flow events, lower production, and motor overheating
  • Alternatives tried in either the injector or the producer had limited success, being either economically unviable or resulting in a loss of production


CENtigrade™ EVADE multiphase high-temperature encapsulated production solution was utilized for its:

  • Ability to facilitate fluid entry into the system while effectively separating oil and gas
  • Ability to release gas up the annulus reducing no-flow events, while enhancing production rates
  • Simplified installation reducing rig time
  • Reliable self-cooling 500 series motor and seal section

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CENTigrade EVADE graphs.

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