• Onshore production well, Iraq
  • Run the pipe cutter through 3 1/2-in 9.3 lbs/ft tubing and cut at 10,135 ft (3,089 m) before re-perforating the pay zones
  • Reduces rig time
  • Provides a non-ballistic, non-chemical solution to sever downhole tubes
  • Fast deployment and transportation of equipment
  • Efficient cuts to reduce debris and damage to outer strings
  • Confirms cuts to avoid unnecessary trips out of hole
  • Customer had used ballistic cutters in the past, incurring higher mobilization expenses
  • Baker Hughes MPC minimized time and mobilization expenses
  • Less than five hours of total operation time
  • After rigdown, the workover rig began pulling the tubing out to surface

Case study details

An operator working an onshore production well in Iraq experienced a stuck pipe and sought Baker Hughes to handle the process of freeing the drillstring. Baker Hughes mobilized from their local facility quickly to deliver the Baker Hughes Mechanical Pipe CutterTM (MPCTM) service to sever the pipe. All necessary equipment and personnel arrived in a very short time frame—avoiding delays traditionally caused by the involvement of explosives or hazardous chemicals.

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