• Silicon carryover in coker liquid streams
  • Reduced silicon carryover up to 89%
  • Improved refinery operations
  • Extended hydrotreater catalyst life

Case study details

A Midwest United States refinery using a 600,000-cSt antifoam in their delayed coker was experiencing silicon carryover in the streams exiting the main fractionator. Base case coker liquid product samples were collected at identical periods in the drum cycles while filling both Drum A and Drum B.

Drum A samples showed silicon levels of 58.0, 38.8, and 5.5 ppm in coker naphtha, light coker gas oil (LCGO), and heavy coker gas oil (HCGO), respectively. Drum B samples showed silicon levels of 33.8, 28.7, and 1.8 ppm in coker naphtha, LCGO, and HCGO, respectively.

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