• Our customer had two gas turbines approaching end of design life
  • Two months before outage, they realized their spare units from another OEM could not be used
  • They needed a fast and cost-effective solution to avoid delaying the outage
  • Return to safe gas turbine operations
  • Reduced downtime
  • Lower OPEX and faster ROI

Case study details

The customer needed a quick and cost-effective solution to replace two gas turbines approaching the designed life limit. Although they had two spare units from another manufacturer in their warehouse, they realized only a few months prior to installation that they couldn't be used due to weight, dimensions, and site constraints.

We quickly conducted an interchangeability study covering all instrumentation, combustion system, flange size, etc., and were able to supply two fully interchangeable turbines with safety service bulletins already completed.

We completed refurbishment activities, and delivered the units with three weeks to spare before outage start.