• Long extended laterals
  • Ultrafine sands and low frac gradient
  • Remote location with limited field resources
  • Platform limitations
  • Eliminated the need for gravel pack equipment and rig time, saving $5M USD
  • Drilled and completed entire challenging openhole lateral in a single trip

Case study details

An operator working offshore Sakhalin, Russia, wanted to complete a new horizontal well drilled from existing surface casing in a target zone. The zone was deemed daunting, if not impossible to complete because of its robust sand-control requirements. Stand-alone screens had been typically used in this field, but gravel packing was needed to produce from this interval. Due to the length
of the target lateral, the potential to exceed fracture gradient, and platform limitations, gravel packing was deemed impractical. The customer reached out to Baker Hughes for a deployment approach that would replicate the simplicity of a stand- alone screen completion and the sand control efficiency of a gravel pack.

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