• Complex open hole well trajectory in shallow water
  • Slanted well
  • Ultrafine sands, low particle size distribution, and low fracture gradient
  • High-permeability water cut zones
  • Remote location with limited field resources
  • Achieved effective sand control in 70-78 deviated wells
  • Recovered reserves from a field previously deemed impossible to complete, with an estimated ultimate recovery of 14.11 MM/bbls
  • Avoided 24 hours of rig time compared to wells requiring gravel pack operations, saving $1,800,000 on the four wells
  • Drilled and completed each of the four complex multilane wells in a single trip, flawlessly with no HSE incidents

Case study details

During the completion design phase operators often have to compromise between minimizing fines migration (by increasing the deviation angle and reducing fluid entry velocity), and maintaining the ability to gravel pack slanted wells by staying at a relatively low deviation angle. 

An operator working offshore Angola faced this dilemma. The complex trajectory it was contemplating to intersect several reservoir layers was making this effort particularly challenging. In addition, exceeding fracturing pressure in this ultrafine formation was also a concern. 

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