• Reduce the use of freshwater
  • Recirculate production water from the reservoir to the top of the mine
  • Move high flow of water through 20.2 miles (32.5 km) of pipe
  • Move high flow of water from 4,183 feet above sea level (1,275 m over sea level [MOSL]) to 10,662 feet (3,250 MOSL)
  • New application of technology introduced to the mining market
  • Doubled the capacity of the rocks processed
  • Increased new copper production by 12.5%
  • Recorded record net sales for the mining operation

Case study details

A mine operator in Peru contacted Baker Hughes to expand a new copper concentrate plant, with the goal of increasing processed raw copper rock capacity and decreasing the use of fresh water required in the process.

Using the HPumpTM horizontal surface pumping system, Baker Hughes engineers helped the operator increase processed rock capacity from 60,000 metric tons of rocks per day to 120,000 metric tons per day. Net copper production also increased 12.5% within a quarter, and the company achieved record earnings for the year. This is the first use case of a high-flow pump for a high-pressure/high-temperature mining application.

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