• Find the best economical and technical option to replace horizontal surface pumps in Ecuador
  • Reuse electrical equipment without affecting performance
  • Do not exceed the maximum operating capacity of the installed equipment
  • Meet and exceed the new flow and pressure requirements
  • Deliver satisfactory results in Ecuador for the first time
  • Saved customer $70,000 USD in unneeded facility investment
  • Increased water reinjection by 50%
  • Increased pressure by 20%

Case study details

A customer in Ecuador contacted Baker Hughes for an upgrade to its existing horizontal pump system, with the goal of increasing pressure and flow capabilities without exceeding the operational capabilities of the installed equipment. The customer chose Baker Hughes as the provider because of its technically sound, well thought-out horizontal surface pump designs. The HPumpTM horizontal surface pumping system combines a multistage centrifugal pump, a thrust chamber, and an efficient electrical motor in a single skid. Knowing the customer wanted to reuse existing parts to reduce additional expenses, Baker Hughes engineers successfully designed a drop-in retrofit option. The HPump centrifugal pumps were installed to the skids of a major competitor seamlessly and with minimal extra cost.

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