• Multiple leaks in multiple wells
  • Logistics challenges
  • Well integrity threatened surface water
  • High pressure high temperature (HPHT) wells and depleted zone so loss circulation and kick happened at the same time
  • Plugged and abandoned 4 critical wells in an onshore field with casing integrity issues
  • Completed project on schedule
  • Mobilized to project location with minimal equipment footprint
  • Incurred zero NPT days
  • Saved $300,000 USD through plug and abandonment optimization utilizing integrated solution across multiple disciplines

Case study details

A major operator in Indonesia faced several long-term well integrity challenges in an onshore oilfield. More importantly, well integrity issues threatened to contaminate surface water for the civilian population. The customer evaluated the entire field and identified four wells in critical condition and in urgent need of plug and abandonment (P&A). The customer initiated P&A operations, but the constant noise pollution affected nearby residential areas. Not only did the customer face likely environmental and governmental issues, but the four wells were spread throughout the field, making on-the-ground logistics for rigs and equipment even more challenging.

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