• Minimize extra trips for various job steps
  • Precisely set bridge plug within 15 ft
  • Avoid premature setting of inflatable bridge plug in low-pressure environment
  • Log zones in highly deviated well
  • Reduced rig time by 83 hours, saving $1.3 million USD
  • Avoided additional runs to correlate depth
  • Identified and sealed water entry zone
  • Logged all zones and set inflatable bridge plug

Case study details

An operator working in the Campos Basin observed increasing water production in one of its mature offshore wells, reducing the operator’s oil output. The platform had limited space for crews and equipment, and the anticipated remediation job would require that the well be taken offline. It was imperative that the water inflow zone be found and isolated quickly since all production would have to be halted during the intervention. The operator partnered with Baker Hughes to intervene quickly and effectively in the well.

Baker Hughes deployed the TeleCoilTM intelligent coiled tubing (CT) service, which is well-suited for space-limited interventions that require multiple runs in uncertain conditions. The ability to quickly swap out tools, monitor downhole data in real time, and supply power to the BHA made the service ideal for this operation.

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