• Install monitoring system in extreme ERD well
  • Deliver reliable bottomhole production monitoring
  • Deployed specially designed extended-reach interface card to facilitate communication to SureSENS gauge at record depths
  • Enabled real-time pressure temperature data to provide remote bottomhole production observation and real-time reservoir decision making power
  • Featured superior pressure and temperature resolution of .0001 psi
  • Monitored single-point, simultaneous tubing and annulus data via a flexible design
  • Reached record-breaking MD of 38,047.5 ft (11 596.9 m)
  • Experienced no health, safety and environmental (HSE) issues or nonproductive time (NPT)

Case study details

An operator in the Russia Caspian region consistently drills and completes some of the longest extended-reach wells in the history of the oilfield. Extended-reach drilling (ERD) is defined by a well in which the horizontal section is greater than the total vertical depth by a 2:1 ratio. Standard ERD wells are notorious for being challenging completions due to the long horizontal sections and high friction. These aspects of ERD wells pose risks to systems relying on control lines. What made this well particularly challenging was  the  extreme measured depth (MD): 38,047.5 ft (ll 596.9 m). To enable efficient production, the operator needed reliable bottomhole production monitoring and turned to Baker Hughes, an industry leader with best­ in-class tools, cutting edge technology, and flawless service delivery.

As a solution, Baker Hughes recommended the SureSENS'" permanent downhole monitoring system which supports multiple monitoring devices on a single tubing encapsulated cable (TEC) and interfaces with surface, subsea infrastructures, or floating facilities. Extensive qualification programs and superior metrology specifications offer the capability of delivering highly accurate information for extended periods of time. Gauges feature proprietary and high-resolution quartz crystal design and have numerous configurations providing flexible solutions for applications such as high pressure/high temperature (HP/HT), high-rate gas wells, and subsea environments.