• Premature bit wear leading to short runs
  • High levels of vibrations in interbedded, hard and abrasive formations prone to wellbore instability
  • Low ROP
  • Saved two trips
  • Saved 23 drilling days
  • Improved ROP 46% over best offset
  • Recorded longest run vs. offsets with 662 m, of which 565 m was in the carboniferous/ Devonian formations

Case study details

South Bolivia’s formations found in the carboniferous and Devonian periods present highly challenging geological conditions and unique complications that present many drilling challenges. Among them are uncertainties in structural mapping, presence of faults, high variations of unconfined compressive strength, and high shock and vibration environments. In addition, the lithology is inconsistent with hard stringers, highly abrasive sands, claystone, siltstones and shales.

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