• Restrictedpowercapacity limited the ability to maintain production
  • Maturefieldusingwaterflood methods for secondary recovery efforts
  • Forced to regularly de-rate the motors, resulting in low efficiency and high power consumption
  • Reducedpowercostsby23%by decreasing energy losses in the motor and cable
  • Assembled ESP system 2.3 times faster, reducing NPT and associated costs
  • Eliminated the need for tandem motors, cutting the ESP system length in half and eliminating the reliability concerns associated with tandem motor connections
  • Increased ESP system efficiency by more than 26%

Case study details

An operator in Argentina was challenged to reduce lifting costs and improve energy efficiency in their marginal, mature field. During seasonally cold conditions, regulatory mandates required operators to provide natural gas to the local grid for heating, limiting the amount of gas available to generate power for the field. With more than 1,000 wells using electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems to maintain production, the power limitations during the winter forced the operator to shut in wells, significantly impacting overall field economics.

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