• Offshore well, Brunei, southeast Asia
  • Gravel pack, work string and wash pipe stuck across 5 1/2-in screens
  • Narrow 2.5-in ID restriction
  • 72° inclination
  • Conventional pipe recovery services not possible due to complex geometries of stuck equipment
  • Provides a non-ballistic, non-chemical solution to sever downhole tubulars
  • Fast mobilization of equipment
  • Reduces operational time
  • Efficient cut with minimal debris and no outer string damage
  • Surface visualization and cut confirmation
  • Multiple cuts capability in single run
  • Mechanical Pipe Cutter (MPC) tool was rapidly mobilized and deployed
  • Deployment method optimized through propriety Deployment Risk Management (DRMTM) process
  • Pump down deployment to mitigate 72° inclination
  • Produced a clean, precise cut in 4-in drillpipe allowing recovery of the work string, resulting in a successful fishing operation

Case study details

An operator at an offshore rig in Brunei was installing a single trip gravel pack work string and wash pipes across
5 1/2-in screens. Immediately after the first zone had been packed and completed, the entire string got stuck.

After evaluating the scenario, the option with a higher potential for success in the recovery was a fishing operation that required a clean cut in the 4-in drillpipe at the first joint from the bottom. This would allow running in with a heavy fishing assembly to catch, pull, hammer and release the packed string.

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