• Stuck pipe (41⁄2., 12.6 lb/ft, 13 Cr, KFox) preventing sidetrack operations
  • Restrictions in the tubing
  • Saved 48 hours in rig time
  • Cleanly severed 41⁄2-in. tubing string stuck under compression
  • Deployed on competitor wireline unit

Case study details

While working a production well in offshore Malaysia, Talisman Energy experienced a stuck wireline toolstring inside an existing completion string. This was preventing the sidetrack operation from being carried out and was costing valuable rig time.

An incumbent competitor on the rig was unable to free the string with the pipe cutting tool due to restrictions in the 41⁄2-in tubing which was suspected to be under compression. In order to resume operations, Baker Hughes was contacted to recover the stuck toolstring and the corresponding section of completion string.

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