• 5-in 23.2 lb/ft 4.04-in inside diameter
  • Heavy viscous mud system with high percentage of solids
  • Two runs with first cut at 12,719 ft (3,876.8 m) made within one hour and the next cut at 13,635 ft (4,156 m) made within 35 minutes during the second run
  • Provided a non-ballistic, nonchemical solution for cutting downhole tubulars
  • Transported MPC tool via helicopter with minimal mobilization time
  • Efficient cut of high-chrome content tubing eliminated debris and damage to outer strings

Case study details

Total E&P UK Limited has a high- pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) gas condensate producer well in the North Sea with bottom hole temperatures of 380°F (193°C) and 30,000 psi. They completed it using 5-in tubing from surface to 17,543 ft (5,347 m).

A little over a decade later, the well developed casing and tubing integrity issues, causing several leaks across the annulus and the company killed it.

Within a few months, abandonment operations started retrieving the tubing from 14,436 ft (4,400 m) to surface with the intent of opening windows in the production casing and cementing to isolate the well.

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