• Convert a permanent packer to retrievable packer by cutting mandrel from the inside
  • Logistic challenge getting tools to location
  • Used a no-go sub on top of the MPC tool to space out the distance for precisely placing the cutting blade inside the packer sleeve
  • Efficient cut of packer sleeve without damaging outer string
  • Shifted inner packer sleeve unsetting the packer for surface retrieval via a single tubing run
  • Fast mobilization of equipment
  • Reduced rig time

Case study details

To retrieve a stuck packer, ExxonMobil needed to either cut the tubing above or the inner sleeve of the packer. Their regular electric line provider was unable to perform the required services. The same day the operator made the request, Baker Hughes mobilized a double logging crew and wireline truck to the well location in Germany.

The team used the 2 1⁄8-in Mechanical Pipe CutterTM (MPCTM) tool to precisely cut inside the packer sleeve in two runs.

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