• Competitor’s wireline and 2 1⁄8-in tractor
  • 2 3⁄4-in minimum ID
  • Rapid sourcing and mobilization of equipment and personnel
  • DRM process correlated 2 1⁄8-in MPC tool on depth limiting tractor use
  • Premier packer cut at depth first time
  • Subsequent run to cut stuck tubing was flawless
  • Quality cut offered multiple options for additional intervention
  • Avoided explosives for rapid mobilization
  • Entire operation completed without nonproductive time

Case study details

A client with a well in Norway was developing guidelines for their smart completions. They were using multiple completion technologies from various vendors making it a complex process.

While completing their second intelligent well systems (IWS), a preset IWS premier packer got stuck during a trial run. The client contacted Baker Hughes for assistance.

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