• Our customer needed to perform planned maintenance on three PGT25+ turbines
  • They had no spare units available
  • The outage was less than three months away
  • Lower CAPEX (less need for spare modules)
  • Reduced downtime
  • Alignment with LM2500+ maintenance approach

Case study details

Our customer needed to shut down three PGT25+ turbines for a planned maintenance, but they didn’t have spare units available to keep the plant running.

Instead of quoting a standard repair that would keep them waiting, we proposed an exchange approach whereby we would buy back their units (which we'd repair and put into our Certified Renewed Equipment program), and sell them equivalent units that were already being refurbished and nearly ready to ship.

We evaluated their assets—considering accumulated factored fired hours and starts, and previous repairs—and issued a purchase order to buy back their turbines. The plug-and-play exchange saved the customer 30% versus major overhaul downtime.

Our refurbished units arrived at the customer site before the maintenance start date, which minimized lead-time and lost production days for their plant.