• Accommodate challenging new requirements into machine that was customized for previous conditions
  • Feasibility studies and upgrade possibility without deviations or mechanical issues
  • Machine revamping at site to minimize production downtime
  • Redesign crankcase mechanism to maximize production
  • Up to 30% higher LDPE production
  • Improved availability and reliability, enhanced component life, and minimized downtime for installation
  • Installed on the existing foundation with no impact on process piping or dynamic loads

Case study details

Since 1965, we've designed and built compressors for LDPE, an industrial process where pressures reach up to 3,500 bar for the production of high-density plastic granules. We also provide all possible upgrade and revamping solutions on these units, both to improve performance and to optimize operability.

Dow's Freeport LDPE plant is an excellent example of our aftermarket service quality. We were asked to restore the wear parts for one of our 6PH compressors, which had been in operation at the plant since 1984. Instead of simply restoring the old parts to their design capabilities, we totally revamped the compressor by drawing on advanced technologies included in one of our latest and largest compressor packages.


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