• Provide a simpler and cost efficient sand control solution in comparison to conventional sand control methods used by the operator
  • Avoid unnecessary trips to run and retrieve plugs via wireline
  • Completed the well on time with zero NPT
  • Saved substantial rig time in deep water offshore environment
  • Minimized the number of the crossover tool working positions: run-in, treatment, and reverse
  • Reduced installation risks

Case study details

A customer in Egypt wanted a sand control solution for a deepwater offshore field development. Conventional sand control methods were not cost effective and posed significant risks during installations because of the complexity of the tools. As a result of the tool limitations, these installations required significant time.

To overcome these challenges, the customer reached out to Baker Hughes for a solution. Baker Hughes recommended the SC-XPTM Prime gravel- and frac-packing system. The SC-XP frac-pack system provides a versatile, cost effective, and efficient sand control solution for multiple applications via a single platform. In addition to featuring the robust SC-XP setting tool, crossover tool, and shifting tool, the system leverages proven packer and frac-pack extension technology.

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